Maurice RAVEL Musician, composer, orchestrator. An artist of great sensitivity and extreme perfection" Il faut toujours en revenir à la formule de Poe : Trouver le point à égale distance de la sensibilité et de l'intelligence "



Nelson AYRES  Pianist, arranger and composer. He wrote for Milton Nascimento, Herbie Mann, Joyce, Ivan Lins... He is at ease be it in jazz, MPB, or to write and conduct a symphony orchestra.


OREGON  The group has existed for over thirty years! It is composed by Ralph Towner (keyboards, guitars), Paul McCandless (oboe, English horn, saxophone, clarinet), Glen Moore (bass), Mark Walker (percussion). A music of great refinement.

Eddy LOUISS Organist, composer. One day in 1981 in a jazz club in Marseille, where I played (the "K-barré"), a man enters, he is Eddy Louiss. He moved to the "Rhodes", I put my "moog" on my knees and the music begins. He opened his heart and took me into his world. I will never forget !

Joe ZAWINUL Keyboardist of Gypsy origin, he immigrated to the USA in the early 60s. His culture extends through the Romanian music, classical and jazz. He is famous for  being the  pioneer of electric piano and synthesizer. He is also the co-founder of Weather Report .

Larry GOLDINGS   Pianist, organist, composer. I discovered this musician recently and I have almost all his solo and sideman discography. He played with, John Scofield, Michael Brecker, Jack DeJohnette, Jim Hall, Pat Metheny, James Taylor...


Herbie HANCOCK  Pianist, composer, jazzman. He is considered as one of the most influential jazzman of the 20th century. He has played with everybody! hasn't he!

 Endangered Planet The world as we know it is in grave danger because of among other things, global warming. We are all responsible. What can we do? I am not an expert, but some things can be done every day : Whenever possible, use public transport or practice car pooling. Save water, lower the heat when you leave your home, do not leave lights or household appliances unnecessarily lit (tv, computer...),  emphasize fair trade. On the net there are many sites that give advice. Just type a few keywords in "Google", read the articles and above all let's practice!

Think like a man of action, act like a man of thought.

  Henri Bergson  


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 Surrealist painter. Unfortunately, I only have a few photos and one painting of his production.



Jacqueline Thill Fouque  Graphic design, painting, photos, music, many strings to her bow !

Yannick Daguerre Organist, composer, jazzman, educator. Some links to honor an exceptional musician.
Ave Maria - Yannick Daguerre
Pastorius Toccata - Yannick Daguerre
Hold Up - with Serge Haouzi on Drums

Philippe CALLENS
sings the songs of Jacques Brel. It is not an imitation but an appropriation of songs from one of the greatest songwriters of the twentieth century.



 This company manufactures accessories for the Hammond organ and Leslie cabinet. Moreover they gave me many tips for restoring them. A highly recommended site !


Believe those who seek truth.Have a doubt on those who have found it.

Andrée Gide








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