October 2009

Finally, the final site is online! It took me almost two years to achieve, by working one month a year on vacation! The rest of the year being devoted to music. Updates will be made regularly (mp3 News, scores, documents ...) Please write to me with your suggestions and criticisms...


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Welcome to the website of Patrice Mazmanian.

  • The   Home   page   shows   you   the  updates  of   the  site ,  and   some  news.
  • You can listen to my compositions, arrangements, realizations on the Music page.
  • On the Studio page you can discover my favorite instruments like the Hammond organ, Rhodes piano and Moog synthesizers and my Home Studio.
  • Some records from my mentors such as Larry Goldings and Herbie Hancock are on the Download page along with documents on some vintage instruments.
  • To know some of my musical influences, or to discover some artists, visit the links page.
  • Please go to the Contact page and leave me a message.

Good visit and good listening...

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